The Final Part Of The Journey

Exchanging contracts

When you and your solicitor are happy to proceed, then it’s time to sign the contract. Once the seller has signed theirs too, then the solicitors will swap or exchange them.

The deposit your solicitor is holding for you will then be transferred to the seller’s solicitor ready for completion. (If you pull out of the deal after this you will probably lose your deposit.)

Final preparations

Make sure you know exactly what is being done by your solicitor, and when, as these last few days are vital.

  • Land Registry: your solicitor will do a final check to see nothing has changed and you should have the registered title of the property.
  • Transfer deed: this will be sent before completion to the seller’s solicitor and shows you as the new legal landowner.
  • Money transfers: all arrangements for the final payments and getting the mortgage monies in.
  • Final accounts: includes preparing all the details of all monies already paid or due.

Completion day

A really important day with lots happening.

As you are likely to be moving house you may need to take a day or two day off work to make sure everything gets done.

  • Transfer Payments: all monies are transferred to the seller.
  • Keys: and at last the keys to your new property! Congratulations… you have a new home!