Mortgage Application

Applying for a mortgage may seem complicated, but remember the lender needs to make sure they lend responsibly.

This Step includes tips on the main application and what documents you will need to provide.

The main application

By the time you find a property you like and make an offer on it, the lender you got the Agreement in Principle from might not be offering the best deal anymore, so re-check what others are offering. Once you have found the best mortgage, the lender will ask you to give them some more detailed information about the property.

As well as proof of your income. This is so they can make sure the property is suitable, you have chosen a reputable solicitor, can afford the repayments etc.

Don’t get frustrated, this is so they can make an informed decision about lending you money, so it’s in your interest to give them the information. They – and you – need to be sure you can manage to make the regular repayments.

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Who carries out the survey?

When you take out a mortgage your lender will instruct an expert to carry out a basic valuation of the property and make sure it’s suitable to ‘secure’ the loan – this means we make sure it’s worth the money we’re lending you. 

Or, you could choose to pay extra and have a more detailed survey:

  • ›  Homebuyer’s Report
    This reveals any structural problems, such as subsidence or damp, plus problems inside and outside (eg: mobile phone masts, risk of flooding etc). The survey isn’t comprehensive – the surveyor won’t move furniture or look underneath floorboards – and it’s only suitable if the property is conventional and in reasonable condition.
  • ›  Full Structural Survey
    This is the most in-depth type of survey – the structural engineer carries out a thorough inspection from top to bottom. As well as all the things looked for in a Homebuyer’s Report, they’ll actively look for other problems such as asbestos, insect infestations and faulty plumbing. Their survey identifies any areas that may need work in the future.

If you choose to have a full structural survey, you need to pay the full cost yourself.