New Build Or Resale???

Here are just some of the New Build benefits:


  • Peace of Mind. New Build Homes come with a warranty and insurance that lasts for up to 10 years. Check with what the warranty covers and ask for a copy of the policy when you reserve your home.
  • Your Choice. As the first ever owner, a new build home allows you to create your own style, free from past DIY decorating disasters.
  • Shorter property chain. Because you will be at the end of the selling chain, purchasing a new build home can keep the chain’s length to a minimum.
  • Lower running costs. New build homes are built with higher levels of insulation. They have more efficient heating systems than ever before. Better energy efficiency means a reduction in carbon emissions and lower heating bills, helping you save money.
  • Incentive schemes. More than ever before New Build Homes are built with very high levels of thermal insulation and have more efficient heating systems. Improved energy efficiency means reduced carbon emissions and lower heating bills, helping save you money.